About Me

Dobbins Lookout-South Mountain Park, Phoenix

My painting journey started in 2018 after a trip to Arizona. I went to seek relief from the darkness invading my mind. Several excursions up to Dobbins Lookout viewing the vast Sonoran Desert sparked the light and colors that you see in my paintings. My first drawings were with a Sharpie and quickly graduated to acrylic paint and canvas.

My inspiration comes from the diverse people I call my family and friends. I take ideas and images from life, magazines, photos and enjoy representing them in colorful, culturally ambiguous renderings. I have painted over 300 works in one year. You can see many of them on this site.

I grew up in San Diego and now live in New Jersey. People ask me all the time, “You left San Diego for New Jersey?”. I came to New Jersey for the love of my life! 36 years later and my love is stronger than ever! I am a true Jersey Girl. When I am not painting, I am my husband’s muse and model for his photography shoots.

My prayer is that the art blesses and inspires you to trust your gift!

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